Common Demotivators & Why the Excuses Aren’t Cutting It

Do you ever notice how easy it is to talk yourself OUT of doing something healthy?  So much easier than talking yourself in to doing something good for your body?


Today's post is all about common demotivators, excuses, and why they are doing us harm.

Last month, I started a motivation board on Pinterest chock full of great quotes and images meant to inspire myself and others to keep working towards our goals.  

Have they been helping you?  I hope so!  

My personal favorite is the girl in the bathing suit with "Are you sure you want that cookie?" splashed across her stomach.  I have a serious cookie craving every night after dinner.  In fact, I found that picture one night right after I had eaten a cookie – LOL!

I was inspired today to write about demotivators (thanks, Paige!) because, in truth, these are what keep us from achieving our goals of losing weight, getting healthy, going to the gym, etc.


It's Cold Outside and/or Raining.  Winter weather is a HUGE demotivator.  I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of the cold OR the rain.  The two together … forget about it!  Winter weather can have negative effects on our mental state.  You've heard of seasonal affective disorder?  This is a condition where you have episodes of depression, usually during the winter months.  This can result in weight gain, unhappiness, social withdrawal, and other negative effects.  So it is even MORE important for us to get out & get moving during the winter months to combat these negative effects.  Remember, it is mind over matter.  Once you get to the gym and get moving, you'll be warmed up pretty fast – and you'll have that endorphin boost to propel you through the day.


I'm Too Busy.  Another common demotivator! Working full time, taking care of the house, kids, grocery shopping, cooking dinner and the great many other items on our plates can be overwhelming!  Who has time to work out?  You can easily talk yourself out of working out when you think about the errands you have to run.  I saw a poster the other day that read:

"There are 1,440 minutes in a day.  Use 20 of them to work out."

Hard to argue with that.  If you are like me, you have seen the latest episodes of Glee and Grey's Anatomy.  If you are willing to stay up until midnight watching TV, then "I'm too busy" is a lame excuse.  You will probably save more than 20 minutes a day by skipping the commercials thanks to TiVo.  Use them wisely and work out!!

Don't get lazy with food prep either.  Pack some healthy snacks to take to work so you don't head to the vending machine or find yourself lingering outside of conference rooms looking for cookies.  You can make a couple of days worth of servings of things like brown rice & veggies to keep on hand for the week.  Don't feel like chopping veggies?  I can't remember the last time I went to the grocery store and didn't see an array of ready-to-eat washed & cut veggies.  Just grab a few containers & roast away!


I was good for a month.  That's enough until next year.  WRONG!  Taking care of yourself is more than a once a year gig.  If you do nothing else, walking in your neighborhood 3 times a week for 30 minutes will do wondrous things for your body and your mental state.  If you found something else that you love (like I did with Zumba & NIA) – keep doing it!  

As far as healthy eating goes … did you give up caffeine or sugar or something that you were having way too much of?  How did you feel?  Wouldn't you like to feel good all year instead of just one month?  Remember that!


So next time you begin to talk yourself OUT of exercising or eating right, remember why it is the easy way out.  Stick to your new healthy eating patterns & workout routines and by next January, you won't be dieting.  You'll be adjusted to a whole new way of life, loving how you look and feel!  If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it.  You deserve to be healthy & happy.  I'd love to work with you to meet your goals — check out my 90-day Personalized Wellness Plan.  

Leave me a comment below and tell me some of your own demotivators !