I Have A Challenge For You! Are You Ready?


I have a challenge for you! Are you ready?

Some of you have been following me for several months and are working very hard on your weight loss, work-life balance, and other healthy living goals.  I’m so excited and proud of the results you are seeing!  Yesterday I received emails and Facebook posts from 5 of you that said you had already lost 10 pounds in less than 30 days by just making small, simple changes! That is truly a reason to celebrate!

I started thinking of a way that I might be able to work with a select group of you and help you “cross over” to the next level.

What if we did a 10 DAY “EATING RIGHT” CHALLENGE?

You would have an accountability partner and create some AWESOME results?!

It’s only 10 days…  The more serious *YOU* are, the more amazing *YOUR* results will be!

Did I mention it’s FREE?!  All you have to do is LIKE Wellness Science on Facebook!

I’ve been talking to my clients who have already signed up for a 90-day customized scientifically-based Personalized Wellness Plan with me and most of them were up for the challenge!

Here is how it will work:

Early in the morning I’ll post your assignment on the Wellness Science Facebook page.  Each day you’ll have 1- assignment and an accountability partner to check in with.  Each day you’ll *DO* the one assignment. 🙂

For example:

Day 1- Drink a glass of water before you pick up your lunch/eat lunch
Day 2- Replace white rice, pasta, or other starchy side with quinoa, barley, or brown rice

And so on…

If you are ready to take a HUGE STEP and are ready to do a 10 DAY CHALLENGE with me and other people just like you


Here’s to your health!

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