Motivation — Where Are You?

I needed this today!! You Must Believe In Yourself

I’ve missed more than a few posts lately, and I can’t remember the last time I sent out my weekly newsletter that is supposed to go out every Tuesday.

I really *was* busy at first with my house move, then it was a challenge to get our internet service set up.  But that has been resolved since early September.  The truth is, I’ve just been feeling demotivated.

I was set to write an article for my favorite magazine.  I’d been dreaming of writing for them since I first launched my new career as a health coach and health writer.  After a well thought out query to the right editor, my pitch was accepted!  I was really on cloud nine.  As many writers know, magazines often have a 4-6 month lead-time … so I wasn’t surprised when the editor told me that my piece was slated for the March issue & that she would be in touch in August with the formal assignment & a due date in September.

August came, I followed up.  September came, I followed up.  October?  Still followed up, but starting to get the message.  While it is actually par for the course to be ignored by an editor to whom you send a query or pitch, I thought it was incredibly strange to get the cold-shoulder after a response & tentative due date?  I let it totally wreck my confidence (well, that and the many other flat-out “no’s” and cold-shoulders I’ve gotten since August).

I’m not thin-skinned at all.  I actually welcome a rejection letter!  At least I know that my idea was considered & perhaps not right or coming at the right time.

So rather than write about rejection when I myself was feeling de-motivated, I chose silence.  I guess I should also add that I haven’t been getting ANY comments on any of my posts, so I have to wonder if anyone is even reading my blog anymore????

I’m not one who gives up easily, so here I am today trying to keep it real, taking a deep breath, and setting a personal goal to keep writing & keep reaching for my own dreams.      I read an awesome article today by Jeffrey Eugenides (the guy who wrote Middlesex & The Virgin Suicides) called How To Believe in Yourself – Even If You Sometimes Don’t.  In the article, he talks about his journey as a writer & how he has dealt with own fears & anxieties.  It is a great story about he came to realize that inspiration comes from within.  It gave me the motivation to pick up my laptop & compose this post when all I really wanted to do was sleep all day!  Give it a read!

Oh, and if you read this post … please leave me a comment so that I know someone out there is STILL … well … out there!




Being Inspired By The Ordinary

“Things don’t have to be extraordinary to be beautiful. Even the ordinary can be beautiful.”
― Wicker Park

When I was younger, it took something truly extraordinary to inspire me.  As the years have passed, I look for inspiration in the little things — the day-to-day.

Some ordinary moments that inspire me are:

1) Driving my car on the open road on a beautiful clear, sunny day.  I am truly blessed to live where I do. When I get past the road construction and traffic and find a stretch of road on a clear day, the feeling is something I can hardly put into words.  I was driving back from SFO airport the other day on the 280.  The views of the citylines and the hills and the sky were just breathtaking.  It made me want to go for a run and just enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.


2) The smell of coffee in the morning  I am a sucker for a good cup of coffee.  I taste coffees like some people taste wine!  The smell of freshly roasted beans being ground is intoxicating to me.  I think I enjoy the smell more than actually drinking the coffee itself.

3) Bringing home fresh flowers.  I picked up the most beautiful dahlias and Bells of Ireland at the Los Altos Farmer’s Market yesterday.  It amazes me how something so simple can be so beautiful and put a smile on my face for days.  It’s like art in a vase — Love it!

fresh from the los altos farmer's market

Every ordinary day is filled with extraordinary moments.  What ordinary things give you inspiration?

10 Quotes When You Need a Boost of Motivation

I’ve been writing about motivation for several months now.  If not in my blog posts, then in the quotes that I send out on Twitter and in my Facebook community.  The winter is a particularly difficult time for many people (including myself) to stay motivated.

As we welcome the Spring, here are 10 Quotes to motivate you to set and achieve your goals and live the happiest life possible.


if opportunity doesn't knock, build a door

we-can-draw-lessons-from-the-past.001happiness-can-be-found.001 believe-you-can.001 who-is-going-to-stop-me.001



 Aristotle quote

ralph waldo emerson

There are so many other motivational quotes from great leaders, I could go on and on.  What are some of your favorites?