Fitness Friday: Lower Body Blast

Happy Friday! So many people LOVED my previous post, The Best 10 Workouts You Can Do at Home … especially the Kill Those Calves workout. That workout alone received more than 1400 repins on Pinterest!

If its lower body you want, then that’s what you’ll get!! 🙂

I’m working on more lower body toning myself, and I have reviewed TONS of lower body workout pins on Pinterest, YouTube videos, as well as my print magazine archives.

Today I’m going to share one of the BEST lower body workouts that I found.

This was a segment from one of Jillian Michael’s videos that I discovered on YouTube. I’m having you repeat each move three times to get that lower body burn that will equal GREAT RESULTS.

I’m calling this workout the Lower Body Blast. I did this 2 days ago, and I can still feel the burn (in a good way!)

Lower Body Blast workout

Tack on this 20-minute session after 30 minutes of cardio or do on its own to create shapely glutes & thighs. To watch each of these moves performed, check out Jillian’s demo here.





15-Minute Fat Blaster Workout

It may be getting cold outside, but that is no reason to ditch exercise completely. Daily exercise helps you stay strong and keeps stress and depression at bay.

This 15-minute workout is fast, and you don’t even have to leave the house to do it.  Queue your favorite playlist, and let’s get this party started!

In this workout, we are going to do three 5-minute circuits of the same exercises.  Each will start with a 30 second cardio burst.


  1. For your cardio, you can run in place, jump rope, or even do jumping jacks. Choose one of these and give it your all for 30 seconds.
  2. Step-Up Backward Lunges (lower-body targeting) for 1.5 minutes.  Grab a bench or stand in front of stairs. Step forward into a lunge with your left leg, then step up onto your bench or stair with the right leg. Bring your left knee up and hold. Lower your left foot off the stair, then step back without your right leg into a lunge. Do a total of 10 reps on each leg (should take you about 90 seconds)  You can see a demo of the move here.
  3. Bicycle (core targeting). Grab a mat or a towel and lie face-up with your hands behind your head and legs at a 45 degree angle.  Lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor, taking care not to pull on your neck. Bend your left knee in and reach across to touch with your right elbow.  Switch sides for one rep. Do this for 90 seconds. Check out a demo of the move here.
  4. Triceps Pushups (upper body targeting). Get down on your hands and knees on your mat or towel. Keeping your arms close to your sides, lower yourself down into a push-up with your elbows bending behind you. Do this for 90 seconds (feel free to take a break if you need to). You can see a demo of the move here.
  5. Repeat for two more circuits, starting with the 30 second cardio burst.
  6. Don’t forget to do a little stretching when you are done!