The Asian Superfood Series – Part 1

If you have been following me over the last couple of weeks, you will have seen me eating my way across Asia ūüôā

I have eaten some incredibly delicious foods, many of them containing Asian superfoods with surprising healing properties.

One such superfood is wasabi! ¬†I have to admit that I’m not usually a fan of wasabi. ¬†However, when in Rome (or Tokyo, as it were…). ¬†I’ve enjoyed wasabi in sushi on this trip, as well as in marinades in dressings. ¬†You can use a little wasabi in recipes that call for mustard. ¬†With it’s richness in cancer-fighting antioxidants, why not give it ia try?

Another great Asian superfood that I order any time I see on ANY menu is the shitake mushroom. ¬†Shitakes are rich in vitamin B2, zinc, and selenium — which makes them a great anti-cancer food. ¬†They also contain a compound called ergothioneine. ¬†Ergothioneine has many benefits, some of which include, conserving levels of other antioxidants (like vitamin C and vitamin E), as well as protecting against damage from UV radiation. ¬†Try shitake mushrooms in recipes that call for portabello mushroom. ¬†My favorite way to eat them is right off the grill with just a touch of sea salt!

El Scrapeo enjoying shitake mushrooms off a charcoal grillKaren enjoying grilled shitake mushrooms in Tokyo

Karen enjoying grilled shitake mushrooms in Tokyo

I’m off to try new foods now :-))

Join me next week to learn about more Asian superfoods!  If you have any favorites, please share them with me below.  Happy healthy eating!