What Makes You Smile?

Today’s post is a question.

What makes you smile?


From ThoughtQuestions.com

Yes, I’m talking to you!  I want to know what makes YOU smile 🙂

I’ll start off by listing a few things that make me smile.  Then I want you leave a comment below and tell me a thing or two.  It doesn’t have to be much — just a word or two!

Things that make me smile (and sometimes LOL) are:

  • Dancing
  • Reading someecards on Pinterest every day (they are hilarious!!!)
  • A really blue sky on a sunny day
  • When my friend orders the same dish at the same restaurant and says “with no onions on top” EVERY time
  • Carrying my little cat from the bedroom to the front of the house every day — because he likes to be presented to the room instead of walking in himself…
  • A glass of champagne (why wait for a vacation?)

Ok, your turn…




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6 thoughts on “What Makes You Smile?

  1. Definitely Lourdes's baby giggles, the way my neighborhood smells like flowers, the rain, taking a bite out of a delicious pastry, and when other people smile at me!

  2. The thousands of apple blossoms on the tree outside of my big front room window. Makes me gasp a little and smile every time I see them!

  3. Just to name a few…. Watching one of my orchid buds open, seeing my children smile or hearing them laugh, receiving a compliment or a friendly hello, comments on MY blog, getting out for a run, waking up to a new day. It's all good.

  4. So many things make me smile I would bore you and everyone on this site to list them all… But here are a few…1) dogs in clothing or in strollers… It's so ridiculous I just can't help but smile 2) my cat, Madame Mim… She comes into my room every morning the second the alarm goes off and stares me down until I ask if she's hungry and then she darts down the stairs 3) children trying on tennis shoes, they put them on and run is of they might take off into outter space 4) cupcakes 5) my great friends and clients who teach me things, and laugh with me every day 6) my husband when he's being the husband I know and no one else does;) and finally 6) anything by Van Morrison…. Oh, and life. It really cracks me up!;)

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