What Makes You Smile?

Today’s post is a question.

What makes you smile?


From ThoughtQuestions.com

Yes, I’m talking to you!  I want to know what makes YOU smile 🙂

I’ll start off by listing a few things that make me smile.  Then I want you leave a comment below and tell me a thing or two.  It doesn’t have to be much — just a word or two!

Things that make me smile (and sometimes LOL) are:

  • Dancing
  • Reading someecards on Pinterest every day (they are hilarious!!!)
  • A really blue sky on a sunny day
  • When my friend orders the same dish at the same restaurant and says “with no onions on top” EVERY time
  • Carrying my little cat from the bedroom to the front of the house every day — because he likes to be presented to the room instead of walking in himself…
  • A glass of champagne (why wait for a vacation?)

Ok, your turn…




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