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I am a devoted coffee lover. Seriously, to the point that I have to stop myself from having “just one more” so that I don’t start having palpitations.

I come by it honestly … I grew up in Louisiana, home of some pretty darn good coffee and have been guzzling it down before anyone outside of Seattle had ever heard of Starbucks. I even met my husband in a coffee shop in college!!!

I know that I can go overboard with my coffee so I was intrigued to try these LYFT Energy Stir Sticks for my afternoon caffeine-boost, a no-calorie “clean caffeine” product made from green coffee beans and boasting vitamin A as well as a handful of B vitamins that no cup of joe can offer.

LYFT Energy Stir Stick |

I found the product extremely easy to use. Simply remove the wrapping from one of the sticks and stir into 8-ounces of the beverage of your choosing. Each stick contains 125 milligrams of caffeine — about as much caffeine as an 8-ounce cup of coffee.

I decided to mix it with a glass of sparkling water since staying hydrated is super important in this warmer weather. I did not detect any taste at all, which I considered a benefit. The fine powder seemed to dissolve completely, and I chugged it pretty quickly as I do when I’m drinking room-temp water.


I consumed this bevvy at around 2:30, and by 4:30, I was yawning & feeling oh-so-very-sleepy! My usual Grande Iced Coffee (packing 190 milligrams of caffeine) usually keeps me going well into the evening hours & gives me just enough of a boost to make it through dinner and a little TV watching but not enough to keep me from falling asleep at a decent hour.


So insanely convenient! No waiting for a coffee pot to drip or standing in a long line. Just keep it in your handbag, work bag, etc. for an anytime boost.

I would like to try LYFT again but this time use both sticks at the same time instead of just one. This coffee addict just needed a little more of a boost to keep going!

Learn more about LYFT Clean Caffeine by checking out their website: You can also find them on Twitter @PureLYFT?


Have you tried LYFT? If not, would you try it first thing in the morning or for your afternoon boost?


Disclosure: I received a sample of LYFT Pure Energy Sticks to try as a SweatPink Ambassador. Opinions are my own.  

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